Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Best way to size pet dog clothing

Need help choosing correct size clothing for your dog?

How to measure dog for clothes

Choosing the correct or "right size" clothing to fit your dog properly, historically has been and probably always will be problematic from one brand of pet apparel manufacturer to the other...

Pet Apparel Sizing Standards.

Part of the problem is there is no sizing standard throughout the "Pet Apparel" industry, and unfortunately for confused consumers probably never will be. 

Our best advise, is to please do not assume that your "Dog Clothes" or "Pet Apparel" purchase from E.g.: www.dogclothingcompayA.com will be the same size as from www.dogclothingcompayB.com or from your Local Pet Clothing Shop and Spa down the street.

Dog Clothes Sizing Madness.

Adding to the confusion...
Pet Clothes manufacturer "A" may use sizing as follows: X-Small, Medium, Large, etc, etc.
Pet Clothes manufacturer "B" may use sizing as follows 8,10,12, 14,16,18, etc, etc.
Yet another Pet - Dog Clothing brand factory may make  clothing for specific breeds or target like"Teacup" styles and what we call Foo-Foo or Lap dogs. These Companies may specialize in making dog clothes and accessories to fit small to medium size dogs only. Other companies may make clothing for dogs to fit Greyhounds, which have a unique physic for example.

An X-Large for your dog Fifi, if a Foo-Foo, is not going to fit your 100 lb. Lab very well.

How to avoid Dog and Pet Apparel Sizing confusion. 

The Dog Clothes Sizing Solution: Choose reliable pet supply sources!

Reputable Pet Apparel retailers, either on-line or brick and mortar pet stores, should either offer a specific size chart for each individual pet apparel product,  located either on the exterior of the item package, a hang tag or in store size chart display or guide by brand or manufacturer and item. 
Knowledgeable customer service sales personal are your best bet. 

Based on experience and customer satisfaction surveys, typically on-line pet supply sites will offer customer service representatives that are more conveniently available to answer your questions by phone or email responsibly and responsively.

"Big Box" brick and mortar Pet Stores have advantages as well as disadvantages. 
Advantages being you can touch, see and feel the product and perhaps even take your pet to the store to try it on, prior to purchase. Disadvantage is physically finding the customer service person that is the "expert" for that specific product, loading up the dog, driving to the location, and unfortunately in this day and age worry about exposing your pet to possible harmful pet germs etc. Like it or not the risks are real! I'm not trying to create panic, "Just the facts, ma'am"

For God sake, some people are not even getting their human children vaccinated.
In these tough economic times I don't think the pet vaccination police are standing in front of the pet store, "May We See Your Pets Papers Please" ? That's a whole different discussion that we will address at another time.
On the contrary, chances of exposing your Fur Kids to the aforementioned potential health risks by purchasing dog clothing for you pet on-line are probably a lot less risky. Unlikely your best pal is going to get a computer virus!

Acceptable Pet Apparel Sizing Chart example:

 In the case below we will use "Fido Fleece Dog Coats" size chart, as an sample of an acceptable, fact filled guide for proper dog coat fit.

Fido Fleece Dog Coat Size Chart

As a consumer of Pet Fashion or Outdoor Functional Dog Wear like RuffWear, or Doggles,
please be prudent in selecting the right size clothing and accessories for your pets. 
Demand knowledgeable customer service rep's that answer your question to your satisfaction.
"That should fit your dog", is not a good answer!

Also as a consumer, please measure your pet properly using a fabric "Tailor" tape measure or a flexible string that you can measure with a yard stick to ensure accuracy.

We Hope you find this advise for measuring your pet informative!
We welcome your questions or comments at:  www.kooldawgtees.com

Talk to us at KoolDawgtees.Com. Woof- Woof!
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